I am a practitioner and researcher with an interest in humanitarian protection, human rights and transitional justice. For the last decade I have combined academic research with a consulting practice focusing on evaluation and programme support with international agencies, including the UN and NGOs, with an emphasis on states emerging from conflict and violence. I am Research Advisor to the Red Cross Red Crescent Missing Persons Centre, hosted by the International  Committee of the Red Cross, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York.

My consulting work has sought to provide policy and programmatic support to a range of humanitarian and human rights related programming, including extensive engagement with monitoring and evaluation, and in particular of protection and rule of law. My academic work is driven by a desire to put the needs of victims of conflict at the heart of efforts to address its legacies, and this has led to my engaging with victim-centred and therapeutic approaches to histories of violence. My research has focused on addressing legacies of violence after conflict, taking a critical perspective on transitional justice and a focus on emancipatory approaches driven by victims. I have tried to drive my research through innovative participatory approaches that see knowledge production and activism as inseparable. I have worked extensively on the issue of persons disappeared and missing in armed conflict, as well as dead and missing migrants at the EU’s southern border. I have worked for many years in both Nepal and Tunisia, and have broad experience in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

contact: simon.robins[at]simonrobins.com